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    Welcome to Laiwu Brave Bull Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Single or Double-layer Maze-type Drip Irrigation Hose Machine


    Maze-type drip irrigation hose production line adopts the method of Maze-type flow channel by negative pressure forming, that is, after the materials are extruded, directly form the flow with negative pressure. If changing the negative pressure device, different types or different spacing flow channel will be formed, So it has many advantages, such as little processing techniques, high adaptability, stable quality, etc.
    The line is composed of the extruder, the hall off machine, the taking-up equipment and the drip irrigation hose forming machine.
    Extruder adopts new type and high effective screw, has high output, the effect of plasticization is good. The die is by heat treating.
    Adopts electronic auto-control the width, it resolves the disadvantage that the quality is not easily controlled. also ensure the stability of film bubbles when the film is been forming speedily.
    The forming machine adopts the air cooling and water-cooling together. It ensures the cooling when production high-speedily.
    winding adopts optical sensor new winding displacement, it changes the situation of overlap when coiling the edge by the spiral type to and fro axis.
    The components of electric appliances are all the domestic famous brands, adopts frequency conversion timing control and auto-alarm the length counting devices.

    The line is mainly used for produce stream flow type single wing maze-type water hose, and widely used for the farm, cotton, planting the crop in the greenhouse, irrigating the fruit trees, flowers and vegetables,  etc.  

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