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    Welcome to Laiwu Brave Bull Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Laiwu Brave Bull Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    POF 3-Layer Coextrusion Heat Shrink Film Blowing Production Line



    The unique designed PP/PE/PP three-layer coextusion die head. The die head adopts technology of two-extruder three-layer coxtrusion to ensure short retention time of flowing channel discharging and uniform distribution of rapid melting. No mixed layer and convincing performance.
    Equipped with advanced film thickness measuring gauge system, thickness deviation of the longitudinal and transverse of film can be reduced largely.
    Equipped capacitance thickness measuring detecting head of catoptric detecting head made by NDC, USA.
    Big touch screen, intuitionistic interface, easy to operation.
    A lot of high technology such as mandrill inner cooling forming system, infrared heating system, auto-supply gas system, temperature control adjustable module, winding tension control, center rotary winding.
    Electrical components made of imported products, ensure continuous production stability and reliability.
    High efficient environmental protection our products save energy 15% more than abroad.
    Our advanced technologies are in the leading of same trade, such as advanced structure, assembling control, easy to operation, excellent auto system.
    Function and application:
    POF 3-layer coextrusion (polyolefin) heat shrink film blowing machine is designed and made by absorb advanced technology of abroad. With our own experience in film blowing for more than years, we adopt double bubble tube film method which is international advanced technology. Formed by two-stage blow process, it produce 3-layer structure of POF heat shrink film.
    Our products have good transparence, low temperature resistant, flexible, high shrink rate, light specific gravity and etc. advanced physical performance. It is usually used for foods, beverage, medicine, commodity, stationeries and AV products heat shrink packaging. It is a heat shrink packaging material of new generation environmental protection.


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    ADD: Jiulongshan Road, Wenyang Industrial Park, Laiwu City, Shandong Province, China.
    Tel: +86-531-76256222 Fax:+531-76256381 Email: lwmengniusuji@yahoo.cn