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    Welcome to Laiwu Brave Bull Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Laiwu Brave Bull Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Responsibility is the assurence of quality, and quailty is the life of corporation.

    FMSX Coextrusion Multi-layer Packaging Film Blowing Lines (Upward rotation hall off)


    With hard-tooth surface special-purpose decelerator, advanced high efficient screw, and cylinder of constraint feeding, the main body of this lines can easily realize better Plasticization and high efficiency.
    Adopts international advanced upward haul-off advanced technology, fixed die head, upward hull-off horizonal 360℃ (or vertical) oscillating rotary structure, this film lines has constant speed and reasonable structure. Replacement of rotary die head thoroughly overcomes the following shortcomings: long channels, large pressure of its back, leakage of raw materials, hard preservation, uneven of heating and thickness.
    Simplification of techniques and prescription of coextrusion multi-layer products improves adaptability of raw materials.
    Products of the lines are flat, formal and columniform, which can meet requires of high precise and high speed printing.
    With fixed die head, the lines can be equipped with internal bubble cooling system, which can produce with high speed and high efficiency products of higher transparence, better physical performance and wonder adaptability.
    It is convenient for the lines be equipped with pile compound die head and more main machines which consequently enable it to be more convenient to produce complex plastics packaging film of 5 - 9 layers in order to reached all demands of market.
    The lines can also choose cool pressed granulating machine of plastic film. All the margin scrap can be recycled at online. 

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    ADD: Jiulongshan Road, Wenyang Industrial Park, Laiwu City, Shandong Province, China.
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